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Person: “Could this show get any gayer?”

Me:  Actually it could.  Like, they could add real gay and queer characters.


but like the language tbtp have been using to push the 200th episode is so intentional too

it’s a “love letter to the fans”

they’re not thanking you. they’re thanking the real fans. the ones who laugh at shitty jokes and accept trash writing without question. 

you don’t like it when a dedicated, vital cast member is excluded? you’re not a real fan. 

you want characters besides the brothers? don’t know you know that’s not what the show is about? you must not be a real fan.

and i can almost guarantee there will be some backhanded joke about delusional shippers that real fans are supposed to laugh at because real fans don’t actually care about ships.

real fans swallow what the show feeds them and are happy. real fans don’t hold the things they love to higher standards. real fans get the joke. you don’t.

it is a love letter to the fans. you’re just not one of them.




Supernatural Season 9 Gag Reel (full in HD ) (x)





the spn poster designers 



there is at least one person in this world, probably more than one, who got paid for designing an official Supernatural poster

based on this post and poem


"season 10 probably won’t be the last season" 

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